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FATE/GRAND ORDER Lancer Valkyrie (Hildr) 1/7 Scale Figure

FATE/GRAND ORDER Lancer Valkyrie (Hildr) 1/7 Scale Figure

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From the mobile game Fate/Grand Order comes the Lancer/Valkyrie figures featuring all three Warrior Maidens, Ortlinde, Hildr, and Thrúd, arriving exclusively to Aniplex+! A feature unique to this Aniplex+ figure, the Ortlinde figure comes with a removeable hood, allowing you the option to display her both with or without her hood.
Hildr’s charming pink hair complements her soft expression, while Thrúd’s elaborate armor design and detailed spear work show that she is a force to be reckoned with!
When displayed together, these daughters of the Allfather are truly a sight to behold!
Now’s your chance to recreate the Valkyrie's Noble Phantasm, Ragnarök Lífþrasir!
Three sister Warrior Maidens soaring high above innumerable battlefields. Welcome these Valkyries to your home today!

Dimensions: Height (packaging) 26.5 inch Width(Packaging): 21.6 inch weight: 4 lbs

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